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An Art Journey: Rome & Venice Oct. 2018

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Artist Rossella BLUE Mocerino at Hotel Raffaello Roma October 2018

Just back from Roma and Venezia. I am going to share with you the amazing shows and places we saw. My advice to you? Next time you travel to Europe, throw away the guide book and follow your heart. It will lead you to see what will resonate and enrich your life. Photo by Sherry Fyman at Hotel Raffaello in Roma.

Artist Rossella BLUE Mocerino at Terme di Diocleziano  Roma October 2018

My Roman Holiday starts with “Je suis l’autre“ art show at Terme di Diocleziano. Modern sculptures are placed next to the source of their inspiration: works from other cultures. The result is thrilling. None of us live in a vacuum. None of us are better than others. A needed show for our troubling times.

Image from "Je suis l'autre" show at Terme di Diocleziano Roma October 2018

I got it wrong. I thought the big sculpture was Western when in fact the large sculpture is from Oceania, 19th century and the small sculpture is from 21st century British sculptor, Kenneth Armitage. From “Je suis l’autre” Art show Terme di Diocleziano Roma

Joan Miro "Je suis l'autre" show at Terme di Diocleziano Roma October 2018

Max Ernst "Je suis l'autre" show at Terme di Diocleziano Roma October 2018

I never would have guessed that the sculpture on left is by Joan Miró and the sculpture on right is by Max Ernst, both 20th century Western artists. From "Je suis l'autre" Art Show Terme di Diocleziano Roma

Marino Marini "Je suis l'autre" show at Terme di Diocleziano Roma October 2018

This sculpture is by one of my favorite 20th century sculptors, Marino Marini. He was highly influenced by Etruscan art. The Etruscans were found in central Italy during the 3rd century. “Je suis l’autre” Art Show Terme di Diocleziano Roma

Jean Dubuffet "Je suis l'autre" show at Terme di Diocleziano Roma October 2018

“Je suis l’autre” Art Show is an example of a beautifully put together collection in a breathtaking space. I like the plexiglass cases that allow us to see the works on display while at the same time we catch a glimpse of ourselves and other visitors as we interact with the works. The work in color is by 20th century sculptor, Jean Dubuffet. “Je suis l’autre” Art Show Terme di Diocleziano Roma Photo by Sherry Fyman #JeanDubuffet

Alberto Giacometti "Je suis l'autre" show at Terme di Diocleziano Roma October 2018

Image from "Je suis l'autre" show at Terme di Diocleziano Roma October 2018

Western artists did and continue to this day to be influenced by the artists of other cultures. Left: A work by Giacometti 20th century Right: Artist from Oceania end of 19th century. “Je suis l’autre” Art Show Terme di Diocleziano Roma

Roma is a beautiful city but sometimes you want to get away from the crowds. I suggest a walk through the area Coppedè where you will find amazing buildings in the style of Liberty and lots of quiet. Notice the reliefs on the buildings.

Coppede Rome Liberty Style

Coppede Rome Liberty Style

Coppede Rome Liberty Style

Coppede Rome Liberty Style

Coppede Rome Liberty Style

I am fascinated by how shadows define a space. Here is Mausoleo di San Costanza. Roma

Interior Mausuleo di Costanza Roma

I was over the moon when strolling through the art collection of Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, I came across the portrait of Pope Innocent X by Velasquez. This is the painting which has obsessed Francis Bacon and inspired his Pope paintings.

Velasquez Pope Innocent X

Francis Bacon Pope Innocent X Study

Villa Giulia houses an excellent collection of Etruscan art. Don’t these figurines (left) from the 3rd century bring to mind the work of 20th century sculptor Alberto Giacometti (right)? Roma October 2018 #VillaGiuliaRome #VillaGiuliaEtruscanArt

Group of elongated Etruscan sculptures

Elongated figure image by Alberto Giacometti

For all that women have had to put up through the centuries, I would like to share these statuettes of the Goddess Minerva fighting. Etruscan Art Villa Giulia Roma This terminates the Roma part of the trip. Meet you next in Venezia. #GoddessMinerva

Two figurines of Goddess Minerva

In Venice there is now the Architecture Biennale. I went to see the homage to Renzo Piano. I am not very fond of his immense projects that spoil the look of the landscape, but he did one project I liked. He designed a pulley system for the Emilio Vedova Museum in Venice which rotated all of his artwork so none would stay hidden in storage. For the issue of how much art in museums is not on view, see #architecturebiennalevenice2018 #EmilioVedovaMuseum #RenzoPiano #ArchitectureBiennaleVenice2018

Poster of Renzo Piano Homage at Museuo Vedova Venice

Pulley system designed by Piano for Vedova Museum

A Gilded Cage by Ai Weiwei in the courtyard of Palazzo Franchini. This temporary exhibit, which was also shown in New York, addresses the growing hostility towards immigrants, the rise of nationalism throughout the world, and the growing refugee crisis. Notice in the background the well done restoration of the Accademia bridge. Venezia #AiWeiwei #AccademiaBridgeRestoration2018 #PalazzoFranchiniVenice

Guilded Cage with Ponte dell'Accademia in backgroung Venice

The Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice has a permanent collection and in addition to that, they usually have one or two temporary exhibitions. Here I am at the Osvaldo Licini exhibition. Photo by Sherry Fyman #peggyguggenheimvenice #OsvaldoLicini

Artist sitting, looking at Osvaldo Licini paintings Peggy Guggenheim

Since I found myself at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice, I thought I would see my favorite Modigliani in their permanent collection. Alas, they had just put it in storage. So lucky I saw it on my previous visit to Venice because one never knows when and if a painting will come out of storage. To read on my special relationship with Modigliani, see #amedeoModigliani

Modigliani painting with artist by its side

Going to Venice is always a personal journey for me. On this 43rd visit, I went to Palazzo Fortuny to see the show on the painter Zoran Music. When I had exhibited in 2010 in Venice, there was also a show of his work going on at the same time. Throughout Venice, my poster and his were next to one another.

Posters of my show next to posters of Music show 2010 Venice

At the current Zoran Music show at Palazzo Fortuny, I came across this photograph of him in his Venice studio with his cats. I am awestruck that a man who had been liberated from a concentration camp by the Allies could have such a wonderful smile. He bore witness to the atrocities in the camp by secretly turning what he saw into drawings.

photo of Music with cats in his studio

Another 20th century Italian sculptor I like very much is Adolfo Wildt. Here is one example of his work from The Collezione Merlini at Palazzo Fortuny. Venezia October 2018 Look at the shadows the relief creates. As far as I am concerned, they are an integral part of the work.

image of work by Adolfo Wildt

Idols - The Power of the Image is a must-see show ending in January 2019 at Palazzo Loredan in Campo San Stefano Venezia. Shown here two works from Mesopotamia, 2500 a.c.

Two Images of faces from Mesopotamia

The Cyclades are an island group in the Aegean Sea, southeast of mainland Greece. Here are some representations of their art from 2500 a.c. Seen at show Idols at Palazzo Loredan Venezia October 2018 These cycladic figures highly influenced the work of Amedeo Modigliani.

Two heads from Cyclades

Amedeo Modigliani painting

So my October 2018 trip to Roma and Venezia has come to an end but not for long. I will be back in Venezia during Carnevale 2019 for my work. I feel a little more of an honorary Venetian with my new library card to Biblioteca Marciana located in Piazza San Marco.

Artist showing her library card


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