• Rossella BLUE Mocerino

Artists and Their Studios

Updated: Jan 29

We artists are all different. You can see that even by the way our studios look like. Here is Francis Bacon's art studio. Messy, right? #francisbaconstudio

Francis Bacon's studio

Artists Claude Monet and Roy Lichtenstein had a couch in their studios. Ah, for those times when a break and a little rest are needed. #claudemonetstudio #roylichtensteinstudio

Claude Monet studio

Roy Lichtenstein studio

You think artists in their studios use just the walls and easels? Jackson Pollock used the floor for his drip paintings. #jacksonpollockstudio

Jackson Pollock studio

There is no reason why an artist studio has to have walls. Australian painter Tommy Watson working in the outdoors. #tommywatsonstudio

Tommy Watson studio

Joan Mirò's art studio looked like a gallery. #joanmirostudio

Joan Miro studio

Alexander Calder's art studio looked like a metal scrap factory. #alexandercalderstudio

Alexander Calder studio

Many artists feel it's imperative to have windows in their art studios. Paul Cezanne certainly had a big one. #paulcezannestudio

Paul Cezanne studio

While recuperating from surgery, Matisse had his bed moved into his studio and created art with the help of his assistant, including his amazing late-career large-scale paper cutouts. #henrimatissestudio

Henri Matisse studio

Georgia O'Keeffe's studio looked like a page torn out of Architectural Digest. #georgiaokeeffestudio

Georgia O'Keeffe studio

Thanks to Harold Levine for sharing this information and the photo about Rembrandt's studio. "I visited a recreation of Rembrandt's studio on the top floor of his home in Amsterdam. It was an awe-inspiring experience." #rembrandtstudio

Rembrandt studio

Frida Kahlo had a very homey art studio. #fridakahlostudio

Frida Kahlo studio

For photographers in the era of wet prints the darkroom was the studio. Here is Anselm Adam, master of the black-and-white print. Today perhaps it's the computer station? #anselmadamstudio

Anselm Adams studio

Who hasn't dreamt of a studio in Paris? Harold Levine says: "My dream studio - Irving Penn's top-floor daylight photo studio in Paris, where he shot so many of his iconic black-and-white images. I saw the actual backdrop at the recent Penn show at the Met. Oh, the pictures I could make there ..." #irvingpennstudio

Irving Penn studio

I have an intimate art studio in the West Village in New York. #rossellabluemocerinostudio

Rossella BLUE Mocerino studio