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Artists and Their Studios

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

We artists are all different. You can see that even by the way our studios look like. Here is Francis Bacon's art studio. Messy, right?

Francis Bacon's studio

Artists Claude Monet and Roy Lichtenstein had a couch in their studios. Ah, for those times when a break and a little rest are needed.

Claude Monet studio

Roy Lichtenstein studio

You think artists in their studios use just the walls and easels? Jackson Pollock used the floor for his drip paintings.

Jackson Pollock studio

There is no reason why an artist studio has to have walls. Australian painter Tommy Watson working in the outdoors.

Tommy Watson studio

Joan Mirò's art studio looked like a gallery.

Joan Miro studio

Alexander Calder's art studio looked like a metal scrap factory.

Many artists feel it's imperative to have windows in their art studios. Paul Cezanne certainly had a big one.

Paul Cezanne studio

While recuperating from surgery, Matisse had his bed moved into his studio and created art with the help of his assistant, including his amazing late-career large-scale paper cutouts.

Henri Matisse studio

Georgia O'Keeffe's studio looked like a page torn out of Architectural Digest.

Georgia O'Keeffe studio

Thanks to Harold Levine for sharing this information and the photo about Rembrandt's studio. "I visited a recreation of Rembrandt's studio on the top floor of his home in Amsterdam. It was an awe-inspiring experience."

Rembrandt studio

Frida Kahlo had a very homey art studio.

Frida Kahlo studio

For photographers in the era of wet prints the darkroom was the studio. Here is Anselm Adam, master of the black-and-white print. Today perhaps it's the computer station?

Anselm Adams studio

Who hasn't dreamt of a studio in Paris? Harold Levine says: "My dream studio - Irving Penn's top-floor daylight photo studio in Paris, where he shot so many of his iconic black-and-white images. I saw the actual backdrop at the recent Penn show at the Met. Oh, the pictures I could make there ..."

Irving Penn studio

I have an intimate art studio in the West Village in New York.

Rossella BLUE Mocerino studio


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